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Community Volunteer Team in Abbey: Naomi Bennett, Matt Howard, Jeremy Caddick, Hannah Copley. Let us know if there is anything we can help with, or anything concerning you in your neighbourhood.

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Issues We’re Raising

Marshall’s New Radar

[Matt Howard] Residents near the Marshall’s Airport site are coming together to urge a large and overwhelming new radar tower be moved to a more appropriate location. It is currently just 40 metres from the nearest resident, and we say it must not be turned on. I have just started helping the leading residents build a case against this uninvited guest in the neighbourhood. It is understood that the Abbey side of the airport was favoured to ‘avoid interfering with the massive building plans in Cherry Hinton’ – disappointing from a company who claims to value its neighbours. Residents and I met with councillors and Marshall’s on Wednesday 4 November 2020:

Overdevelopment of Abbey

[Matt Howard] There is an absolutely huge amount of building going on right now in Abbey and wider Cambridge – from the Marleigh development north of Marshall’s, to Trumpington, with more plans coming at densities higher than London averages. With the Marshall’s Airport site now looking likely to be completely relocated out of the City, developers are plotting 12,000 homes on the possible newly available land.

Greens say this sort of excessive development MUST STOP! So what would a true Green Project look like?

What Marshall’s could be instead – if only the political will

Matt imagines what a true Green project would look like on airport site

Barnwell Underpass Flooding

[Hannah Copley] Not even two days after being drained, the Barnwell Road underpass had flooded again, exactly as the contractors I spoke to previously predicted would happen. People in Abbey urgently need a proper solution to this problem. I’ve written again to the County Council and am hoping the local papers will further publicise this problem to try and get this fixed before the school term starts again.

Ditton Meadow Paths

[Matt Howard] Inspecting the state of the paths on Ditton Meadows recently, it’s clear the council has neglected the area while the Chisholm trail bridge is put in place. With the project already late, and open space even more valuable during the Pandemic, I have urged the relevant officers responsible to address this as soon as possible. Path lighting will be provided as part of the Chisholm trail – I have proposed this should cover connecting paths for safety, but must be at low level to minimise wider light pollution, be low energy (LED) and not disturb the natural environment.

Parking in Occupation Road

[Hannah Copley] Shoppers and commuters regularly park on Occupation Road. This has led to pedestrians being forced to walk into the road, wheelchair users and parents with buggies blocked, and entrances to some homes made inaccessible. I join residents in calling for restriction of parking to one side of the road only – the Council must follow through on its commitment to make roads in the City more cycle and pedestrian friendly.

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